How ya like my hat?

How ya like my hat? Hill billie hay


Me and Raymond were rambling around in North Carolina, when we saw this hat at a flea market. Raymond said, “You have to get this one Jim, it’s you.”

I said, “Are you sure? It looks a little hillbilly.”

“It looks like you buddy and it can’t cost much, right?”

“Yeah, I guess it would be a good one.”

As I was walking up to buy it, a lady grabbed it and asked the owner, “How much?”

The man at the end of the table said, “A dollar.”

“Sold.” Then she turned to me grinned and asked, “How bad do you want it?”

I looked at Raymond and said, “Oh my! Did you see that?”

“Yep, what are you going to do Jim?”

The lady said, “Yeah, Jim what are you going to do?”

I asked her, “Do you really want the hat?”

“Not really. Again I ask you, how bad do you want it?”

Realizing what’s going on I pulled my phone out, brought up the camera then handed it to Raymond and showed him the button that takes a picture. He knew exactly what the plan was. As I was doing this I offered her two dollars for the hat. She motioned with her right thumb, higher. “Three, four, ok five.”

“Not enough.”

“I don’t even know if it fits. Can I try it on?”

“Sure. Here you go.”

I put the hat on, faced Raymond and he took four or five pictures, then I gave it back to the lady and said, “I changed my mind.” Then I thought, all I wanted was a picture of me wearing it for my Facebook folder, How ya like my hat?


Just messin. Barrowed it for the picture at a thrift store in North Carolina




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