Your three words, my little story 8-9-16

Mary Beth’s words: music, animals & orange

The alarm clock wasn’t set to a loud beep, it was set to some loud MUSIC, good ole rock and roll at that. This type of wake up gave her and her husband the boost they needed to do it all over again. She would hop in the shower first, while Bill would feed and water the ANIMALS. By the time he got back and in the shower she would be making them something for breakfast. Always something simple, maybe an egg sandwich or oatmeal, nothing to time consuming. Sometimes times they would switch morning chores, but she normally didn’t want to walk all the way out to the barn that early in the morning.


She was getting into her truck and he was getting on his bike, when she realized she didn’t have to work that day. Totally forgot there was a teachers meeting and she could have slept in. However, since she was up she thought about going into the little town of Sloan and get some paint. They needed some exterior semi-gloss white for the doors and windows, not much, just a gallon. Marybeth took care of that little errand and a few others while she was out and came back home and took a nap. Why not.


Bill left work later than normal that evening, because of an overdue delivery. As he was dressing for his bike ride home he noticed the bottom of the sun was just resting on the tree tops. A beautiful scenery was cast across the western hemisphere and of course he had to take a picture of it. He cut the bike off, took off his gloves, put down the kick stand and got off the bike. After all that he went digging in his jeans for his phone and was able to take several pictures, before the sun went down. This made for a long dark ride home, but he couldn’t pass up the purple, ORANGE and the beautiful pastille sun set.


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