Past, present & plans 8-9-16

Past, present & plans 8-9-16Past

It took me two years to pass third grade and the very same year my brother failed second grade. Years later I wondered if something happened at home that affected the both of us. I remember the school talking to mom & dad, but we weren’t privy to the conversation. We both passed the next year, while still in the same school. I have no idea what may or may not have happened. Probably best to let it go.


Yesterday was pretty busy. Had three doctor appointments: the first was with my Podiatrist to pick up my new diabetic shoes, thanks to my insurance company. Second was my Psychiatrist to get my script for my depression meds and thirdly was my Therapist for my depression. Between the foot and head doctors I stopped off at a friend’s to try and help him with his phone. Ran two more errands then hung out at Starbucks until a 5:30 meeting with some friends. My money is never good, so I try to put as many things on one day to save on gas. None of these were physically hard, but it still caused havoc with my COPD. So today I did nothing but rehab.


I want to start walking even if it’s only for five minutes a day and increase it from there. It’s so easy to plan something, but much more difficult to follow through with it.


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