Your three words, my little story 8-10-16

Martie’s words: finger, pickles & munchkins

Martie and her boyfriend were lounging on the couch, while her thoughts went to a wet willy. All of a sudden a familiar advertisement came on the television about, “The Wizard of Oz.” She remembers watching this show every year as a kid, the lions and tigers and bears, oh my, would scare her. Often she reminisces how beautiful Glinda was, which was the good witch of the north. However, what really tickled her was the interaction between Judy Garland the MUNCHKINS. She couldn’t stop laughing at the sound of their high pitched voices. She often wondered if they were children or midgets.

Her boyfriend turned to the left to get his water, when she made her move. She licked her right pinkie FINGER and stuck it deep into his right ear then wiggled it. He jumped away and yelled, “I hate it when you do that.” He dropped his water bottle turned to stick both hands in her underarms.

She screeched, “No, please stop! I won’t do it again! Pl, pl, please!”

“You say that all the time, then you…. Crap, my ear’s all wet.”

“Well it’s better than when you stuck those PICKLES in my nose. I still owe you for that.”

“Yeah, that was funny.”


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