Past, present & plans 8-11-16


One of my cousin’s told dad that I was smoking and that brought on the talk. My immediate thought was, who squealed? Dad was very understanding and had a very gentle way of talking about it. However, only being nine it was easy to be scared of dad, but easier to be scared of the cancer he told me about. I had just started, so it wasn’t hard to quit.


Today I was asked to sit on the board of the local Christmas in April organization. I feel truly honored. I asked my friend what would my duties be and he said in short, I would be an idea man. That’s right up my alley any more, especially since I have forty plus years experience in the construction field. This is a good way for me to stay in my trade of choice now that I’m disabled and can’t work in it.


I still didn’t walk today, but I think talking or writing about it will help keep me from ignoring it. I can very easily sweep it under the rug and bury my head in the sand.


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