Your three words, my little story 8-16-16

Casey’s words: microwave, shed & seagull

Casey carefully walked back from her SHED, carrying her old small MICROWAVE. Her peppy little Spike was jumping all over her and running between her legs. At one point she stopped walking, and yelled, “Stop it Spikie!” She thought he stopped, but what he did was sneak up behind her and tripped her. As she was getting up she noticed the glass in the microwave door was broken. Now she had two microwaves that didn’t work and that was going to change her beach plans.

“Spikie baby, now I have to buy one.” She picked herself up, stepped onto the deck and into her home. After giving Spike some food, water and a big hug she left for the Wilson Wal-Mart. She was pulling into the jammed parking lot, when she decided to give up shopping and headed toward Sloan. The beach was on the west side of the small town of Sloan. Now she’s in a hurry, because he was probably already there.


She yelled, “I’m here!”

“It’s about time honey.”

Casey said, “ Now I wished you picked me up.”

“Well, I wanted to, but you….”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. If you were there you could have helped me with my microwave. I dropped it, now I have to buy another one. When we leave, can you meet me at Wal-Mart?”



Heading back to Wilson. Wally was leading the way as he normally would do with Casey. While he was pulling into the Wal-Mart parking lot he always drives through the seagulls. He loved watching them scatter. One scooted over Wally’s car and that SEAGULL splattered all over Casey’s windshield. “Gross!”


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