Past, present & plans 9-22-16

Past, present & plans 9-22-16




I told you guys that we didn’t have any running water after moving to Hughesville. We had what I called walking water, because George and I carried it from our neighbor. However, there was a non-working well fifty feet from our back door and about thirty feet deep.


Dad talked about sending me down the well on a rope seat to investigate. I was so excited to do such a thing and a little bit scared too. That task never happened though. I guess because I was only twelve.


He did get the old fashioned hand pump well working though, so we carried the water from our well instead of the neighbor. It was six months or so before the family had running water.




Yesterday I helped a friend, Bill, remove an old weighted window and replace it with a newer double hung window.


After the first hour I had to sit down because of my COPD. It took another four hours to complete the job and I had to sit at least eight more times, probably more. During the last hour I felt dizzy several times and thought I was going to pass out, but I couldn’t stop until the hole was weather tight. I used my experience and Bill did most of the work.


If you smoke, COPD could be in your future. I would suggest quitting.




At sixty two, I suffer from type two diabetes, COPD and, of course, an assortment of aches and pains. I’m sure the COPD is why I’m disabled.


Because of these issues I don’t do much. Maybe if I lost fifty pounds and moved more every day, I would be able to last longer than an hour before I had to sit.


I know I need to lose weight, because I don’t see very many older fat people; but, it’s much easier to think about it, than to actually do something.


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