How ya like my hat? Camouflage hat (true story)

How ya like my hat? Camouflage hat (true story)




I can’t remember where or when I got this hat, but I’m sure I didn’t pay much for it. Raymond took this picture, while I was kneeling behind my mom and dad’s tombstone at Arlington National Cemetery.


In 2013, Raymond and I were down in North Carolina eating breakfast, when he asked our waitress, “Anything fun to do around here?”


She said, “No, you’re in North Carolina! Oh, there is a Rodeo tonight.” Then she gave us the information we needed to get there.


Raymond asked, “Are you going?”


“Maybe, I’m not sure yet.”


“Hope to see you there.”


We went to the rodeo, because neither one of us had ever been to one. I was wearing the hat in the above picture and one of the entertainers was wearing a huge red cowboy hat. I mean it was huge. The red hat guy said, “I want everyone to applaud when I call out the state you’re from.” He yelled out, “North Carolina.” Most of the spectators applauded, hooted and hollered. He said, “Georgia,” Some of the crowd clapped. “How about Tennessee?” A few Tennessean’s were there. Then he asked, “Did I miss anyone?”


I raised my hand and yelled, “Yes, me!”


He asked, “Where you from?”


“Maryland!” Raymond knows me very well, so he moved a couple spaces away from me to my right.


“What are you doing here?”


“I’m talking to a guy with big ugly red hat!”


He said, “You have no room to talk with that hat. Where did you get it?”


By this time Raymond was on the other side of the bench when I said, “I got it at Wal-Mart, next to a big red hat.”


I guess his time was up, because he waved at me and finished his segment. Our waitress was sitting in our section, in the front row. We were at the top, when she stood up and waved at us. I thought, that was cool.



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