Marble, NC trip: Wow! Look at that.

Marble, NC trip: Wow! Look at that.


I love taking pictures! At some point I would like to take a photography class to learn more about shadows, bokeh, depth of field and other crap like that. I have no idea what some of the photos I take are, but that’s why they are so special.


Raymond and I heard there was going to be go-cart races on Saturday night. While looking for the entrance, we came across this nice structure.




Earlier that day we came across this odd item. Little hint; behind it, in the distance is a field of grapevines.




At some point during the trip we were in Brasstown, North Carolina, when we saw this piece of plumbing.




The next day we were at a store called Mercier Restaurant in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We were visiting with a friend, Gwyn Dooley, when we found this.




Downtown Coker Creek, Tennessee consisted of an out of business old gas station, visitor’s center and this piece of art.




Just outside of town was the Coker Creek festival, we found out that was the only place to get a bite to eat for miles around.


After finding the food we sat at a picnic table about sixty feet away from a band. To the right of the band was a cool little fire truck serving ice cream.




Behind us was a quaint little elementary school with a very unique roof. I’ve been a carpenter all my life and I spent the rest of the day planning how I would build it.


We all know, if you build it they will come.


4 thoughts on “Marble, NC trip: Wow! Look at that.

  1. I have no idea what the tower is and yes that’s a huge corkscrew. I figured several different ways to build it, but all of them were very time consuming. I was going to post the whole picture of you holding the jam, but didn’t know if you would appreciate it or not.


  2. As usual, your pictures are great. You and Raymond both manage to stumble across the most interesting things. What is that tower looking building in the first picture? It’s cool. The 2nd picture looks like a gigantic corkscrew.
    Sounded gross but I think we should’ve sampled the toe jam! Might be good on toast. Yuck!
    Did you figure out how to build the roof on that school?

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