No Shave November

No Shave November



Me on my houseboat, in October of 2016


I never have been one who shaves on a regular basis, so when No Shave November came along, it was right up my alley.



I didn’t take this picture, I swiped it from the internet



There are several reasons for letting your facial hair grow. The first one’s simple, maybe you want to keep your face warm during the upcoming winter. Next, you might be moving to the mountains and you want to fit in with the Grizzly Bears. Or, how about you’re becoming a hillbilly, but not the Beverly Hillbillies, because you have no oil. Of course we can’t forget the fact that you might not belong to the Dollar Shave Club, It’s got to be cheaper than Wal-Mart.



This picture is about five years old and has nothing to do with the post. I just like it


I promote No Shave November, because it’s a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing attention to men’s health. The money raised goes to cancer prevention, research and education.



We were heading up the mointsins a month ago to find that Grizzly Bear


Prostate, testicular, colorectal, and skin cancers are just a few that I might succumb to. It’s something that I can earnestly get behind, because I’ve already had skin cancer and have an enlarged prostate.


This means I will not shave in November.

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