Your three words, my little story: Nina’s words

Your three words, my little story
Nina’s words: dream, mother & heart.


Lately, Nina hasn’t been sleeping well. She prays often, drinks a warm glass of milk and of course she does the age old counting of sheep.



Counting sheep


When she does fall asleep, it’s only for a brief time. She wakes up abruptly jolting the bed several times a night with no memory of her dreams. Habitually she snuggles up to her husband to feel the comfort she just lost. He always asks, “Are you alright honey?”


“Yeah sweetie, can’t sleep again.”


For work she needs more than a restless nightmare. Subconsciously she might be afraid to doze off and DREAM, for fear of the nightmarish journey that lies ahead.


She doesn’t remember any of the night time trips, except one. It’s about her MOTHER, who passed away many years ago in her sleep. Nina feels ten years old was way to young to lose her mom.



This is an old picture of my mom, Grace.


Nina’s son and daughter are in their teens now. She tries to do everything she didn’t have a chance to do with her mom and it seems she’s accomplished that. Proud doesn’t begin to describe how she feels about their relationships.


Her home, and it is a home not a house, is the busiest place on the block. All the neighborhood kids like visiting her children. They say, “Your place is teeming with compassion, warmth and filled with HEART.” They all love Nina and feel very safe there.



My home, that I lost in 2014



Another picture of it.


Why can’t she sleep? She has great kids, lovely home, good paying job and a sweet understanding husband.


A close friend mentioned, “Working out just before you go to bed might help. Or make love to your husband, anything to exhaust you.” This might help her rest, but she still needs to pinpoint the problem. Maybe a sleep professional.


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