Your three words, my little story: Camellia’s words

Your three words, my little story
Camellia’s words: coffee, monoecious & evergreen


Sitting under her EVERGREENS, while enjoying her COFFEE is one of her favorite times of the day. Especially knowing she planted every tree, bush and flower in her yard. Actually thirty years ago she laid every roll of turf too.


When the house at the of Summer Street went up for sale, it didn’t take Camellia a day and a half to make her move. She knocked on the seller’s door and when they answered she said, “I’ve been waiting on this day for years. Here’s my bid.” The only thing she didn’t like about their landscape, was the lack MONOECIOUS plants. She prided the work in her yard and it’s diversity of fona.


She’s had her eyes on the cute little cottage ever since it was built ten tears ago. As much as she loves her kids, she has dreamed of the day when she could move out of her huge beautiful home and into a much smaller house. If she bought the smaller bungalow, it would be some time before calling it home.


9 thoughts on “Your three words, my little story: Camellia’s words

  1. Biology, science… not my strong suit. It’s interesting but hard for me to understand is all. I think you’re doing great incorporating these different words in your stories. It’s good practice for you and I’m learning new words as well!

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  2. I left out the word “I” in the earlier reply Gwyn. Monoecious is another word I had to Google.

    Monoecious means a plant, animal or human that has both male and female reproductive organs; a morphodite.


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