Guest blog: God’s Masterpiece by Gwyn Dooley

God’s Masterpiece

Gwyn Dooley

The Lord, our God is the Father
Creator of Heaven and earth
He made you in His image
More than sparrows are you worth
Let no one tell you otherwise
Or make you feel ashamed

Colonial Beach, VA

You are wonderfully crafted
God, the Father knows your frame
A perfect earthen vessel
Complete in every way
For God is the Master Potter
Who molds and shapes the clay
When first He began to build you
He had a great plan in mind
A glorious purpose and destiny
While yet in the womb, He designed

Looking at Maryland from Virginia

He made you like no other
There is no one like you on earth
For you alone can complete the task
That was set before you at birth!
                           By: Gwyn Dooley

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