Past, present & plans: 11-22-16

Past, present & plans 11-22-16




Living in Hughesville on the farm was not something I wanted. Hughesville was alright, but farming wasn’t. Before we moved to the farm we lived in a Lanham subdivision and we hardly ever had any serious chores. The only one that I can remember was dusting the whatnots and the shelves they sat on. I’m sure there were more, but none comes to mind.


The chores and the amount of them were much different on the farm. It seemed dad had some sort of device to let him know when George and I were home from school, other than the clock. After school we would walk in the door and take a left toward the stairs. Most days we wouldn’t make it two steps up the stairs before the phone rang. I would answer it and dad would give us a list of that evenings chores.


The list was much longer than the daylight we had, but I’m sure dad knew that.




Someone is interested in the houseboat, so that means the purchase of the lot I’ve been eyeing might be closer than ever. After thinking about it though, I would rather make this change in the spring. However, if I waited till then, the chance of someone else getting the lot is greater.




The diet seems to be working in a number of different ways. So far I’ve lost fifteen pounds in twenty two days and my energy level has risen to heights I didn’t expect. Those gifts are minor compared to the lowering of my blood sugar, it’s between 90 and 110, which is excellent.


If I am able to continue this diet until I hit my goal weight of 195 pounds, my type two diabetes will be under control, without the use of drugs. The metformin doesn’t seem to be working like it did in the beginning anyway.


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