How ya like my hat? Fan for life

How ya like my hat? Fan for life




I’m not trying to push a point, that I’m a Redskin fan. Oh, yes I am! I am a Skin fan and I’m not afraid to show it.


All too often, now a days we are inundated with fandom that cheer for a team only when they win. To each his own, but that’s not me. I try to make a point the day after a loss, that win, lose or draw, I’m still a fan.


Most days after a win, I don’t wear my colors, but every time we lose I wear my colors the very day after. You’re not going to see my Redskin flags extending up from my car windows only when we are winning or I’m not going to scrape my decals off of my windows, because I’m disappointed.


I’m not saying I’m not disappointed, upset or even mad, but I am still a fan.


Also, I root for all my local teams, that’s how my dad taught me and that’s how it will stay. I like to keep my little bit of money in my local neighborhood, county and state. I will not root for a high school in Alaska, where I’ve never been, I will root for the high school that I went to or where my kids or grand kids are going to.


A Skin fan win or lose.


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