Your three words, my little story: Raymond’s words

Your three words, my little story
Raymond’s words: Happy, new and year


It’s a beautiful path, especially in the fall. He keeps his dog, George, on her leash, until they get to the woods. George knows better than to jerk on the leash, but the closer they get to the bridge the more she pulls. As she tugs against Raymond’s hand he says, “Stop…. wait baby girl.



Raymond and his buddy George in North Carolina. 2008


When they get to the bridge George knows to sit down, so Raymond can unhook her. She never runs more than a hundred feet away, then she comes back and, “Barks” at him. He always laughs, because he knows she’s HAPPY and loves the woods.




The pond used to be completely surrounded by trees until last YEAR, when the town built the NEW playground. Raymond thinks the playground was a waste of money and beautiful trees, because no one is hardly ever there.




It takes about an hour to go around the pond and back to his truck. By the time Raymond gets to the driver’s door, George has already jumped in the six foot bed, through the sliding back window and into the cab.


He opens the door and as usual George is sitting at the steering wheel and Raymond says, “Move over. I’m driving, because you don’t have a license.”



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