Interesting: Calling all cooks, pinto beans

Interesting: Calling all cooks, pinto beans


I have two bags of pinto beans, a shank ham bone and some ham fat. I want to slow cook them.


Looking for: what food to add, what spices to add, temperature and times on the different temperatures.


I can probably cut chunks of ham and put them in there too. What do you guys think?



These beans are two years old, does that make a difference?



8 thoughts on “Interesting: Calling all cooks, pinto beans

  1. You need to cook the beans first and I would only use one package. Add chopped onion, celery, carrots, the bone, salt, pepper, marjoram and very, very little of the fat. The flavor will come from the bone. Simmer at a low flame until the vegetable are cooked down until they are part of the liquid. It will take a long time, hours and it will be even better tomorrow.

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