Some More Happy Customers

Happy Customers

I’m going to post four photos at a time till I catch up.



Maggie Joyner


Maggie bought my book at Maries Diner in La Plata, MD. and also came out to support me at my first book signing on my birthday, May 20th, at Market Day.


While at the diner, she bought a $60 fundraising ticket from me. It’s for the Christmas in April * Charles County annual Sunset at Mount Aventine gala. On June 10th Christmas in April will officially become Rebuilding Together. The board members are very excited about the change and we hope you will come out and meet us. You can gather with us for tasty refreshments, mingling and a couple of special guest speakers, that should to peak your interest on some current events.



Wayne Wagner


This is my mechanic and neighbor and he purchased my book as soon as he heard that it was published. I’m standing in a hole and he is standing on a cinder block. 😊 Not really.





I asked this attractive lady to take a picture of me and a happy customer and after she took the picture she asked, β€œCan you tell me about the book?” I’m learning how to be a salesman and shortly after she took the picture, she gave $10 for my book. Very nice lady.



Bruce Sansbury


We also have my good friend Bruce. He helped me on Market Day by handling the money and watching the table while I was away from it. He also sold a book when I was food hunting, so it seems he was perfect for the job.


Thank you guys for buying my book!


One thought on “Some More Happy Customers

  1. What great photos, Jim! So happy for you that you’re getting out there with your book. This is a magnificent win, and you are inspiring me to do the same for me.

    And love that Christmas in April became Rebuilding Together this weekend!!! πŸ™‚
    Blessings, Debbie


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