More Happy Customers

Four More Happy Customers


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My best bud Raymond, was the first to buy my book. He bought it through Amazon and also left an excellent review on their site. I wasn’t able to get a picture of Raymond, the book and myself, till last night. Here’s the picture.


He was the first person to touch my book, excluding the packers.



My best friend Raymond

Kay, manages the La Plata Wal-Mart optometrist department and she overheard me putting the soft sell on a customer. She asked me some questions, then made an appointment for me to bring her a book on the fallowing Monday. Me likes!




Suzanne was my latest vampire. When someone takes my blood, I try to hide my nervousness by talking to them. I was giving her the hard sell and after she took all the vials she needed, I gave her a book and came back the next day for the money.




Suzanne the vampire


When I came back, Suzanne asked, ‘Do you have another book with you?”


I said, ”Yes.”


She said, “Good, because Debbie want’s one.”


I said, “Cool!” I went out to the van, got a book for Debbie, then came back in for my picture, money and hug. I walked out with a big smile brought on by the simplest of gratitudes.




It’s been a while since I worked this hard for such a small amount of money. The promotion of the book is really important to me. Eventually my book is going to fall into the hands of someone with the resources to promote it beyond my abilities.


Thank you guys for buying my book.


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