Happy customers 11

Happy customers 11


I believe I told you guys, that I sold sixteen of my books, Twilight to Son Shine, at the Charles County Arts Fest, on the tenth of June. It was held on the grounds of the Town Hall in La Plata. MD, which is the county seat. Three of the following photos are from that day and the last one was at a doctors office earlier that week.


I saw County Commissioner Ken Robinson of Charles County walking across the parking lot that day. He looked busy, but he took the time to stop by my table and listen to my spiel. We chatted for a bit about everything and nothing. Before he left, he bought my book and posed for a picture.



Charles County Commissioner Ken Robinson and I, at Charles County Arts Fest in La Plata, MD on June 10, 2017.


I had the pleasure of meeting President County Commissioner Peter Murphy, while he was eating a sub on the steps of Town Hall. Being the uncouth person that I am, I disturbed his lunch. Actually, I think he finished shortly before I introduced myself. I gave him my spiel and he bought my book without hesitation.



President of the Charles County Commissioners Peter Murphy and I, at Charles County Arts Fest in La Plata, MD on June 10, 2017.


Afterwards, we chatted about his background as a teacher and my background as a carpenter. At some point he asked me, “What made you decide to become a writer?”


I replied with, “I couldn’t work as a carpenter anymore, because I got sick with COPD. After losing my job, home and my will to live, I turned to a friend who guided me to help. With the depression somewhat in check, I found a way to go to CSM (College of Southern Maryland) and take courses to become a writer. Now, I write about my feelings and past indiscretions as a form of therapy.”


“Job well done….” He said. Shortly after that we parted ways, but I saw him later that evening at an event for ‘Christmas in April’. He told me, “I read your book.”


“Already! All of it? What do you think?”


“I enjoyed it very much. I feel I know you a little better now.”


“Thank you….”


Laurie and Lori stopped by, when they noticed me at my table. We chatted about friends, life and of course my book. I like it when I can stand between two pretty women. They also walked a way with a book. It was a good day.



Laurie, me and Lori at Charles County Arts Fest in La Plata, MD on June 10, 2017.


I met Patty, while she was taking my blood. Having blood sucking vampires in my life is commonplace as of late. My normal practice is to look away and talk while they’re sticking the needle in my arm. With Patty, I talked about my book. She said, “ I want one.” so I fronted her a book and came back the next day to get the money. She gave me this ticket redeemable for ten dollars then asked me, “Do you have another one? Because Debbie wants one.”



Patty and I at the Old Line Center in Waldorf, MD., after she took my blood.


So I went outside and returned with another book, then left with a big smile on my face. I had a picture taken of Debbie and I, but I can’t find it. Sorry.


Thank you everyone, for buying my book.


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