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Lately, I’ve been wondering why I haven’t got a like or comment from any of my Facebook post lately. Nothing from the past three weeks, specifically on my personal Facebook page. Somehow, by accident, I set my privacy settings to one person. Big mistake and they never liked or commented anyway. Too funny.


As I try to get my writing career off the ground, a few people, who know more about this business than me, suggested I take few steps.


• First: start a blog – I did that a year and a half ago. In April of 2017, I turned my blog into my website called, ‘From my Head to Yours’


• Second: write and post at least once a week. I do that also. However, in April when I published my book of poetry, ‘Twilight to Son Shine’, I slid away from writing. I was trying to promote my book and of course myself to gain sales and notoriety. Lately, I’ve got back into writing about my ‘hats’ and ‘three words’ among other categories. While doing that, I try to write and post in one of these categories five times a week.


• Third: start a Facebook business page – that was accomplished a month or so ago. I’m gathering more friends, so I can add more likes to my page. Again, I’m trying to brand myself as a writer.


Please remember I’m new to the writing field, and I love it immensely. I’m anxious to learn and I relate all these suggestions as gold to my newly chosen career. So if I overload your inbox with a high number of post and it bums you out, I apologize. Please bare with me, oh and please buy my book at the link below.
Also remember, I can use reviews on Amazon and my FB writing page.


How ya like my hat? Lowes hat

How ya like my hat? Lowes hat


I was shopping in Lowes while wearing my Home Depot hat and when I asked for help I got mix directions. One employee said with a grin, “We don’t sell to your kind.”



Wearing my Home Depot hat in a Lowes in Murphy, NC


Another pointed to the exit door and said, “Everything you need is right through that door.” Then a third man offered a trade, by giving me three brand new Lowe’s buckets for my hat.


Three buckets were set on my load of wood, while he said, “If you want these buckets, all you have to do is throw that hat in the trash.”


I took it off and replied, “What would I wear outside as my melanoma hat? Do you have a Lowes hat for my: how ya like my hat gig?”


“What do you mean: how ya like my hat gig?”


“It’s a thing I do on Facebook with hats. I buy used hats and write stories about them, some fact, some fiction.”



Here’s my hat and buckets and this story took place at the Lowes in the La Plata, MD.


“Let me see if I can find you a hat.” Then he came back with two different ones to choose from. I chose this one and made a deal to not wear the Home Depot hat in there anymore.

You three words, my little story, Debbie’s words: refrigerator, grass & mirror

Debbie’s words: refrigerator, grass & mirror


After cutting the GRASS, Debbie wanted to relax on her porch and enjoy a cold glass of tea, but first she just sat on the steps and rested a couple of minutes.


The plan was to drink her tea, edge the yard, call her accountant then call her friend Annie. However, lately her head didn’t seem to be screwed on right.


While sitting she couldn’t help, but think about tomorrow’s appointment. It didn’t feel like a big deal compared to last week, but it was concerning her bank account. She lost her job last month and money hasn’t found it’s way into her checking account since then.


With tea in hand, she walked away from the REFRIGERATOR and stopped by the hallway MIRROR to check her eyes. She’s been crying for a week, so the evidence of tears were still there, with no end in sight.


Her mom, Helen, died last week and it came as a big surprise to her and everyone else. Helen’s cold was more than that, it was advanced fourth stage lung cancer and it went unnoticed for a whole year except for the last week of her life.


Debbie’s financial problems had nothing to do with her mom’s death, but her mom left her a small fortune that will take care of her bills and much more. The money was needed, but she would do anything for another day with her mother.


She hesitated and picked up her phone before going back outside. She called Annie before reaching the door and immediately started crying. She thought, “I can edge the lawn later.”


After venting for an hour she hung up while sitting and forgot all of her plans to get through the day. She could only hope, that one day it would get easier.



Happy Customers-10

Happy Customers-10


The three following photos were taken after my first Open-Mic Night at Urban Bar-B-Que in La Plata, Md.


The first is Marsha and her friend Charlie. Marsha was nice enough to come to the show and make sure I had a friend in the audience, so I wouldn’t be so nervous. That was nice of her. Her and Charlie both bought books.



Marsha, Charlie and I, at Urban Bar-B-Que in La Plata, MD.


Jane works at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) as a physical education instructor. She actually runs that department. It was nice to see another smiling friendly face in the crowd. That’s her husband and he actually shelled out the money for my book.



Myself, Jane and her husband at Urban Bar-B-Que in La Plata, MD.


My poetry reading was sandwiched between four musical artist. These two young guys were in the second band. They played some excellent rock & roll. They really rocked the house. It surprised me when they walked over and bought a book. Too cool!



At Urban Bar-B-Que in La Plata, MD.


This guy is a photographer for the Maryland Independent and he was at the Market Place Event, which was held at the Old Port Tobacco Court House. He succumbed to my hard sell.



Market Day Event at Old Port Tobacco Courthouse in May 2017



I want to thank all of you for buying my book.

Your three words, my little story

Alexis’s words: tintinnabulation, cochlear and swollen


The TINTINNABULATION seemed to be getting louder, but when Alexis was quiet and concentrated on it, she realized it was monophonic. Kind of like the sound a leaky faucet makes as it drips on a stainless steel sink.


However, it wasn’t coming from the kitchen sink, but it was coming from the kitchen. As she was standing in the kitchen it sounded like it was coming from the wall, on the right, that separates the kitchen and bathroom. The noise was steady, but there was no evidence of any water on the floor in either room.


Alexis called her friend, Raymond, and asked him, “Can you come over and listen to a sound for me?”


Raymond replied asking, “What kind of sound is it?”


She said, “I have no idea! That’s why I want you to lend me your ear.”


A couple of hours later Raymond walked through Alexis’ front door and put his COCHLEAR to work. He didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary, until she guided him towards the back of the house.



Cocklear, an inner part of the ear.


Once in the kitchen he said, “It sounds like it might the supply line to your bathroom. Feel this, the drywall is SWOLLEN.”



Looking at wet drywall from the inside of the wall.


“I thought so too, but I don’t see any water.”


“If it is a water leak, it could be draining into your crawl space. Let’s take a look.” The moment he peeked his head under the house, he noticed his suspicions were correct. “We need to turn your water off until we find the leak.”


The next day, they had a friend, Jim, come over to help Raymond fix the problem. They had to cut out the damaged drywall on both sides of the wall and more to find and fix the leak. Problem fixed and job well done.