Past, present & plans: 11-27-16

Past, present & plans: 11-27-16




It was brought to my attention, that my brother and I got hurt a lot when we were young, guess that’s true. Injuries or situations that didn’t end well are more exciting to write about. Tonight I’ll introduce you to some of my cousins.


My brother, George, and I were eighteen months apart in age. Ernie and his older brother Keith, were about the same difference, so were Ronnie and Dean also Clyde and Ray. Clyde was the oldest of the Crazy Eight Club and Dean was the youngest. We were all within three years of the same age and all first cousins or brothers.


We had female first cousins in the same age range, but they didn’t cause trouble like my seven confidants did. I was the only blameless one in the club and never caused any trouble. Of course you know that’s not true.


One of us let the mule get loose, so dad and I chased it at least two miles down the train tracks toward Chalk Point power plant. Finally dad went through the woods to get on the other side of it and we boxed him in. Since I wouldn’t squeal on my cousin, dad rode the mule back and made me walk.




Think I made a mistake on Thanksgiving Day, when I temporarily stopped my diet. I’ve lost a total of fifteen pounds since October 31st and only gained two back. If I get back on it tomorrow I won’t regain much more.


With the low carbohydrate intake, my blood sugar levels are in a very acceptable range. Between ninety to a hundred and five, these numbers would help me beat my type two diabetes, as long as they remain there.


The below photo of mine, will be published in the 2016 fall edition of the College of Southern Maryland’s, Literary Magazine called Connections. I submitted five poems and five black and white photos. One out of ten, is better than zero out of ten.



Noon Over Ten Tires




I have noticed that I breath better in cooler weather. My COPD doesn’t effect me like it does in the summer. I guess between cooler temperature, losing weight and good blood sugar levels I could get a lot of work done on my boat. This could make winter a better time to work on bodily needs. Breathing better, makes a huge difference.

Past, present & plans: 11-22-16

Past, present & plans 11-22-16




Living in Hughesville on the farm was not something I wanted. Hughesville was alright, but farming wasn’t. Before we moved to the farm we lived in a Lanham subdivision and we hardly ever had any serious chores. The only one that I can remember was dusting the whatnots and the shelves they sat on. I’m sure there were more, but none comes to mind.


The chores and the amount of them were much different on the farm. It seemed dad had some sort of device to let him know when George and I were home from school, other than the clock. After school we would walk in the door and take a left toward the stairs. Most days we wouldn’t make it two steps up the stairs before the phone rang. I would answer it and dad would give us a list of that evenings chores.


The list was much longer than the daylight we had, but I’m sure dad knew that.




Someone is interested in the houseboat, so that means the purchase of the lot I’ve been eyeing might be closer than ever. After thinking about it though, I would rather make this change in the spring. However, if I waited till then, the chance of someone else getting the lot is greater.




The diet seems to be working in a number of different ways. So far I’ve lost fifteen pounds in twenty two days and my energy level has risen to heights I didn’t expect. Those gifts are minor compared to the lowering of my blood sugar, it’s between 90 and 110, which is excellent.


If I am able to continue this diet until I hit my goal weight of 195 pounds, my type two diabetes will be under control, without the use of drugs. The metformin doesn’t seem to be working like it did in the beginning anyway.

Past, present & plans: 11-10-16

Past, present & plans: 11-10-16




I mentioned in a previous post that we raised several acres of tobacco. One of our fields had really long rows. They went from the barn to the road, probably five or six hundred feet, maybe more.


After the stalks grew to term, we cut them down to hang them in the barn. We bent the plant over at the base and cut it clean with one blow of the tobacco knife. At first we cut two rows at a time.



This is a tobacco knife similar to ours


I had to stand up after cutting twenty or so plants. The number of plants I cut before standing grew and grew, till I eventually bent down and didn’t come up till I was at the end of the row.


We started the day by, George and I, cutting four rows between us. After that I was the only one cutting and by that time I learned how to cut four rows at a time. George then joined dad spearing and I would cut till dad said, “That’s enough.” At that point I would join them spearing.



Tobacco sticks


Spearing the tobacco involved another some what precise swing. We would stand a tobacco stick up, which was about five feet tall, and put a tobacco spear on the pointed end. Then we would reach down, grab a plant by the cut end, swing it up and slam it down onto the spear and slid it ground ward on the stick. We could fit five or six on the stick by spacing them apart properly. Air had to flow through them and cure the tobacco as it was hanging in the barn.



Tobacco spear



Ready to hang in the barn



I put my houseboat up for sale yesterday. If it sells, the money will go to the down payment, closing cost and moving expanses for the lot I have my eyes on.



My home for over two years


Today is my oldest son’s birthday, he is now forty three and a veteran.



My oldest son Jamie and my granddaughter Vera.


Happy Veterans Day!



Jamie on his mount at Ford Hood, Texas in the mid nineties.




I am head long into the Atkins Diet and so far have lost eight pounds since October 31, 2016. The weight loss includes the four days I lost, due to artificial sweeteners.

Past, present & plans: 11-5-16

Past, present & plans: 11-5-16



Mom on the left, dad then my sister Debbie. This was at the end of my dad’s life.




Dad was disking the field one afternoon, when I was relaying a message from mom. It was a normal occurrence to step on the draw bar while the tractor was in use.



The bottom curved bar is a draw bar. It’s used to attach different impliments to a tractor


I guess, I wasn’t on my game that day, because for some reason, I put my left leg on the left rear tire. The tire then pulled me forward, till I was hopping on the ground. When my left leg hit the ground my right leg was pulled between the tire and the tractor.



This isn’t an Allis Chambers, but you can get an idea where my leg was caught.


Dad was able to stop quickly because he was dragging the disk. When it stopped I was able to pull my leg out.



This is similar to the disk we had.


Nothing was broken, but there was a sizeable gash above my right knee. So dad took me to Malcom Grow Hospital at Andrews Air Force Base, which was about twenty minutes away in the late sixties.


I didn’t cry, but I sure felt stupid. It didn’t appear that bad to me and it didn’t hurt. Staying over night in the hospital was cool, again I was the center of attention. Mom picked me up the next day and we went for ice cream and a lecture.


I had a nice story for school though, which just happened to be called Malcom Elementary. I never realized the same names till writing it down just now.




Gwyn Dooley and I, you know Gwyn as a guest blogger, started on the Atkins Diet last Monday. I’ve done this diet before and lost ninety seven pounds in seven months After three days, I was in Ketosis and my energy level was high. It’s also good for my type two Diabetes.



Gwyn Dooley


On payday I went shopping for no carb foods and I also bought some foods with no carbs but had sweetener’s in it, that are not supposed to be used in this diet. Those sweeteners produce spikes of sugar and can cause me to go over the twenty carbs a day. Today I start all over.




I will continue on the diet, but with a different agenda this time. Keeping my blood sugar down is the main reason. Secondly, I want to lose the access weight and thirdly I need more energy.


The waterfront lot with the camper fell through. However, the lot is still in play. I’m looking into selling my house boat and buying the lot, then moving my thirty four foot camper on it. I think I mentioned part of this in a earlier post.



Remove the trailer and the lot might be mine soon.

Past, present & plans: 10-30-16

Past, present & plans 10-30-16




We raised several acres of tobacco on the farm and at different times dad would hire some of my friends to help.


In case you don’t know, tobacco plants produce what we called suckers and that’s where tobacco seeds come from. If you let the seeds grow the rest of the plant doesn’t grow as well, so you should remove the suckers.



Try to remove the suckers before they flower


There are several ways you can remove the suckers. One is by taking your thumb and fore finger of the same hand and bend the sucker till it pops off. The second way, is to take one hand and bend the sucker over and cut it off with a knife that’s in the other hand.


This one particular day my best friend, Jimmy and I, were topping the tobacco. We were topping two rows apiece at a time, while racing to the end of the rows. Jimmy was popping with his bare hands and I was cutting with a hawkbill knife.



Hawkbill knife


As I was looking to see how far a head of me he was, I cut into my left index finger knuckle and had to go to the hospital. I guess now we know which way is faster, safer too.




Yesterday was a busy day, but a very fun day too. I hung with my buddy Matt most of the day. First I showed him a lot and trailer I was thinking about buying, it fell through by the way. Second we went to a Metro PCS store in Waldorf where Matt bought a new phone.



As a single man, I could live here for the rest of my life.


Thirdly, we attended an event sponsored by Life’s Journey Writer’s Guild, LJWG for short. LJWG is a place where writers go for information and inspiration. Matt and I have a thirst to become writers, so it seems like a good place where we can learn.


It was called the LJWG’s Big Quarterly and held at Regency Furniture Stadium, where the Blue Crabs play baseball. The affair included approximately twenty different kinds of venders. Several members of the LJWG were selling and signing they’re books. An excellent buffet and all of this was free to the public. Close to a hundred guest visited and listen to the vendor’s sales pitch. Excellent turn out, but it was missing one thing and that was YOU.


St. Charles, MD




No plans today except, watch the Redskins play football in London, England. My buddy Larry did say, “Let’s go to Marie’s for lunch.” So I guess I do have plans.



La Plata, MD




I was planning to post this before the game, but that didn’t happen. The game ended in a tie and we ate at Hibachi Sushi and Supreme Buffet.


Waldorf, MD