Miscellaneous: rewrite

Miscellaneous: rewrite

A couple of my friends mentioned, that the ‘past section’ in my, ‘Past, present & plans: 1-3-17’ post, might be considered offensive, so I rewrote those two paragraphs.

If I offended anyone, I truely apologize, that was not my intention. It was meant solely as a joke.

Sincerely yours, Jim McDonald



My apologies


Your three words, my little story: James’ words

Your three words, my little story
James’ words: head, shoe & car


James should know better than to get in an argument with his seven year old granddaughter. Normally when he sees an animal on the road or anything that resembles an animal, he knows to distract her. This time he was distracted, when she threw some of her ice cream at him. He ducked, but she got him in the HEAD anyway.




When he ducked, JoJo saw a turtle and immediately started crying and screaming, “Pop-pop, Pop-pop go back! Someone will hit him.”


“Hit what?”


“The turtle Pop-pop! We have to sa sa saaave him.” she brokenly sobbed.


Guess he didn’t turn around quick enough, because she grabbed his brand new SHOE and threw it out the window. She was threatening to do the same with the other one if he didn’t stop the CAR.




Now he had no choice but turn around, so he might as well go a little further back and carry the turtle across the road. He didn’t like turning around, but he loved her heart.


Past, present & plans: 1-3-17

Note: a couple of my friends mentioned that the last two paragraphs of the past section in this post, might have been considered offensive, so I rewrote them.


Past, present & plans 1-3-17




Now that I’ve got you up to date on the crazy eight cousin’s transformation to the final four cousins, let’s go back to the farm.


Every so often one or more of the cousins would escape the influences of the wicked city and spend some time on the farm. That is, the reason why dad moved us out of the suburbs and into the country.


This one cousin, who will remain nameless, stayed with us one weekend to help bring in the corn. The first morning he was there, I was awakened by some awfully loud commotion. I got dressed as quick as possible and went out to investigate. Our dog, Shep, met me at the screen door and after I petted her awhile, she and I both looked in the direction of the tractor shed.




We started heading that way when I noticed the wretched noise was coming from around the shed and past the outhouse. As I got closer to the burn pit, I realized the sound was emanating from the pig pin, which was down the hill. I walked past the apple trees and quietly creped up to the pin.




That’s when I saw my cousin wallowing around in the mud, and it seemed the pigs wanted him out of there and that’s why all the racket.

The moral of this story is; never screw with a pigs mud, it’ll squeal on you every time. 😃




A friend of mine died the other day from lung cancer. She started out with a mild cough, then the cough got worse as she was diagnosed with COPD. She could not or would not quit smoking, even after she found out she had lung cancer.



That’s Mary on the right and her daughter on the left.


I have COPD, but I quit smoking cigarettes in 2005 and pot in 1989. I don’t care what you say, smoke doesn’t have a place in the body.


Our relationship was a unique one to me, concerning women I have dated. We didn’t really have a physical relationship, but we did date off and on for seven years prior to her last husband.


When ever she was between relationships or I was between relationships we would get together and go to lunches, movies or other functions as each other’s date. This was an enjoyable concept to me for several reasons, we could lean on each other and be honest with a hug and a heart.





Jamie, Bandit and Billy in 2006


I made it through another set of holidays and now I feel much better. Mostly I miss my kids at Christmas.



My home for over two years. This is my third winter


In the spring I endeavor to sell my houseboat, buy a small lot and go from there.



Remove the trailer and this is the lot I’m interested in


Mostly my hope for 2017 is that I can figure out a way to lose my excess weight and keep it off.


Your three words, my little story: Raymond’s words

Your three words, my little story
Raymond’s words: Happy, new and year


It’s a beautiful path, especially in the fall. He keeps his dog, George, on her leash, until they get to the woods. George knows better than to jerk on the leash, but the closer they get to the bridge the more she pulls. As she tugs against Raymond’s hand he says, “Stop…. wait baby girl.



Raymond and his buddy George in North Carolina. 2008


When they get to the bridge George knows to sit down, so Raymond can unhook her. She never runs more than a hundred feet away, then she comes back and, “Barks” at him. He always laughs, because he knows she’s HAPPY and loves the woods.




The pond used to be completely surrounded by trees until last YEAR, when the town built the NEW playground. Raymond thinks the playground was a waste of money and beautiful trees, because no one is hardly ever there.




It takes about an hour to go around the pond and back to his truck. By the time Raymond gets to the driver’s door, George has already jumped in the six foot bed, through the sliding back window and into the cab.


He opens the door and as usual George is sitting at the steering wheel and Raymond says, “Move over. I’m driving, because you don’t have a license.”


How ya like my hat? Fan for life

How ya like my hat? Fan for life




I’m not trying to push a point, that I’m a Redskin fan. Oh, yes I am! I am a Skin fan and I’m not afraid to show it.


All too often, now a days we are inundated with fandom that cheer for a team only when they win. To each his own, but that’s not me. I try to make a point the day after a loss, that win, lose or draw, I’m still a fan.


Most days after a win, I don’t wear my colors, but every time we lose I wear my colors the very day after. You’re not going to see my Redskin flags extending up from my car windows only when we are winning or I’m not going to scrape my decals off of my windows, because I’m disappointed.


I’m not saying I’m not disappointed, upset or even mad, but I am still a fan.


Also, I root for all my local teams, that’s how my dad taught me and that’s how it will stay. I like to keep my little bit of money in my local neighborhood, county and state. I will not root for a high school in Alaska, where I’ve never been, I will root for the high school that I went to or where my kids or grand kids are going to.


A Skin fan win or lose.