How ya like my hat? Tennessee hat

How ya like my hat? Tennessee hat


This and the next two pictures were taken today, November 3, 2016. I’m going to keep this one.

I think I’ve told you guys I’m from the DMV, (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia). I was born in Virginia, worked many years in DC and lived most of my life in Maryland.


Dad’s family is from Sulfur Springs, Texas. In my childhood I visited there only twice. It took me and dad twenty two hours of non stop driving, to arrive at the family house in 1972. It’s half way across the country and we didn’t have the cash or time for many lengthy stays.


Mom’s family is from Mountain City, Tennessee. It only took eight hours to get there, now with better roads I can make it in six and a half.


Dad probably went to Mountain City only a half a dozen times, so normally mom took us. Our stays typically lasted two weeks and that was every summer. Needless to say, I became very attached to Mountain City.


I have a whole mess of family buried down there, but still have at least six first cousins and their off springs living there.


Raymond and I stopped at a small roadside flea market just outside of Marble, North Carolina and I came across three hats with the Tennessee Volunteer colors and the big “T” on them. I paid a dollar apiece for each of these hats. I posted the fourth hat on Facebook four years ago, now it’s on WordPress.


Picture taken 2012

I’m going to keep the first one, so if any of my cousins wants one of the other two let me know.

Marble, NC trip: Wow! Look at that.

Marble, NC trip: Wow! Look at that.


I love taking pictures! At some point I would like to take a photography class to learn more about shadows, bokeh, depth of field and other crap like that. I have no idea what some of the photos I take are, but that’s why they are so special.


Raymond and I heard there was going to be go-cart races on Saturday night. While looking for the entrance, we came across this nice structure.




Earlier that day we came across this odd item. Little hint; behind it, in the distance is a field of grapevines.




At some point during the trip we were in Brasstown, North Carolina, when we saw this piece of plumbing.




The next day we were at a store called Mercier Restaurant in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We were visiting with a friend, Gwyn Dooley, when we found this.




Downtown Coker Creek, Tennessee consisted of an out of business old gas station, visitor’s center and this piece of art.




Just outside of town was the Coker Creek festival, we found out that was the only place to get a bite to eat for miles around.


After finding the food we sat at a picnic table about sixty feet away from a band. To the right of the band was a cool little fire truck serving ice cream.




Behind us was a quaint little elementary school with a very unique roof. I’ve been a carpenter all my life and I spent the rest of the day planning how I would build it.


We all know, if you build it they will come.

How ya like my hat? Jesus hat

How ya like my hat? Jesus hat


I already included this hat under the guise of “Your three words, my little story”. Here is my final edition of this hat.



How ya like my hat? Jesus most certainly is my Boss


Some hats I buy, because I like the sport team. Some because they’re funny, interesting or simply I like what’s written on them. This one is the later.


My boss IS Jesus! In 1990, I made a decision that affected my whole life. It was when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savoir. I am not perfect by no stretch of the imagination, but I am a much better person now that Jesus is in my life.


I lost my home several years ago and now I live on a fifty four foot houseboat. This means I have very little room to store or keep things.


After I buy a hat, take a picture of it, I then try to find a nice home for it. This nice looking head covering was sitting in my van for weeks, when I came across an old friend walking the neighborhood.


I put my van in park and we talked of old and new times. I’ve always felt this is how people should visit, right where the time presents it’s self.


She was leaning on the van, telling me about the conversation she was having with God, while shading her eyes from the sun. It was so nice to see how enthusiastic she is about her relationship was with God. I peacefully listened in silence.


God often presents me with little signs, reminding me of His presence. This one was perfect. I reached into the back seat to get my friend Debbie, her new hat and I sat quietly in my seat as I handed her this gift from God. It was a flawless moment in time, that I shared with Debbie and most importantly we shared it with God.


Love y’all.


Have a great day, unless you have made other plans.

Your three words, my little story: Eric’s words

Your three words, my little story
Eric’s words: depth, sinner and lost

I am going to use this in another category also. How ya like my hat?

When I read these words I immediately thought of, Psalms 130:1.

Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O LORD.

Don’t worry I’m not going to get all, Holier than thou on you. Most of you know that when I am given three words, I don’t write a story in the expected direction or genre.

In this case I’ll tell you what this particular scripture and the words mean to this SINNER.


How ya like my hat? Jesus most certainly is my Boss

In the late eighties I was alone in my room kneeling on the shag carpeting, looking for little pieces of crack that might have fallen into the carpet fibers. As my gaze lifted up from the floor and into the mirror, I noticed this pale, frail, shell of a man and at that moment I saw the DEPTH of my depravity.

In that split second I knew some changes needed to be made. My head continued to rise toward the ceiling and I prayed with my eyes wide open, “Lord please help relieve me of my addictions, drinking, drugging and smoking cigarettes.”

However, there was nothing I could possibly do at that time, since I was anchored and LOST in the grips of addiction. I found out years later, that was my turning point.

God doesn’t give us more than we can handle and He answered my prayers in a manner that He knew I could understand.

A few months later I was arrested for driving on revoke license for my umpteenth time. I was sent to jail for a year and I lived there for nine months, while my mom took care of my sons.

While in jail, I began going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, church services and I had visits from my moms Pastor. During one of the Church Services the reading that day was Psalm 130:1 and that reminded me of the evening I asked God to help me. At that time I was four months dry in jail and I realized my prayers were answered.

I could go on and on with this topic, but I won’t bore you anymore. Not today anyway.